Geoff Holman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
HOLM-01-08 Letters to Mrs T R Holman from the bank with statements File 1899-1902
HOLM-01-09 Lease of Dover Road premises to Holman Brothers Item 20 June 1902
HOLM-01-11 Bill for plough parts Item 31 December 1907
HOLM-01-17 Holman Brothers flyers Item Late 19th/early 20th century
HOLM-02-04 Memo book C Item Late 20th century/2000s (copy of original from 1889-1895) View
HOLM-02-09 Photocopied documents relating to Montefiore Windmill, Jerusalem and the tower mill, Haifa Item Late 20th century/2000s (copies of originals from 1857-1897)
HOLM-03-01 "Modern thrashing machinery" Item Mid 20th century
HOLM-03-09 "Steam ploughs" Item c 1910
HOLM-03-15 "Amanco farm help" Item September 1915
HOLM-03-26 "Instructions and Useful Information for the Ruston Oil Engine" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-03-27 "Erection Instructions for Horizontal Gas and Oil Engines" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-03-28 "Instructions and Useful Information for Class M Oil Engines" Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-04 Holman Brothers photographs Series 1870s-2000s
HOLM-04-HB006 George Wells sitting on the poll end of Black Mill, Barham Item Mid 20th century (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB012 Holman offices, 13 Dover Street, with horse ploughs Item Early 20th century (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB028 Threshing gang Item Early 20th century (and later copy)
HOLM-04-HB037 Oil engine at Ashford Item August 1926
HOLM-04-HB039 12-17 Upper Bridge Street Item June 1963
HOLM-04-HB042 Dover Street yard with crane Item Early/mid 20th century
HOLM-04-HB051-02 Removal of the Lathe from Dover Road yard after final auction of Holman fixtures and fittings Item May 1975
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