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"East Anglian Windmills"

Cutting from the 'Eastern Evening News' praising Essex County Council's plans to spend £500 a year on preserving, maintaining and managing windmills in the county.

"Windmill as Memorial"

Cutting from the 'Daily Mirror' explaining how the ancient windmill at Mountnessing, Essex is to be acquired by the council as a Coronation Memorial.

"Preserving Windmills"

Cutting from the 'Southend Standard' on Essex County Council's plans to put aside £500 per annum for windmill restoration, suggesting the restoration of 'worthy' windmills and the demolition of 'hopelessly derelict sp...

"Windmill models for show"

Article in the 'East Anglian Daily Times' about the model windmill that Mr Wilfred Bull of Coggeshall is exhibiting at the upcoming Essex County Show; which was originally used to show would-be purchasers what the local millwrights could...

File of handwritten notes on Mills of the River Stour, Essex

The folder contains field notes on 28 mills positioned along the course of the river Stour in Essex. In addition, the folder also holds mills on tithe maps, navigation and catchment board correspondence as well as 3 postcards (two with notes on re...

Gardner, E M (d 1959)

Album XXIV

Negatives of smock, tower and post mills and watermills in Kent, Sussex, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Buckland, John Stephen Percy (1935-2006), mill researcher

"Essex antiquities"

Cutting from "Essex Chronicle" about the County Council's decision to spend £500 a year on the upkeep of windmills, and the recommendation to pull down derelict ones.

"Saving old windmills"

Cutting from "Essex County Telegraph" about the recommendations of the Essex County Council and the SPAB for the preservation of windmills.

"Our windmills"

Cutting from an "Southend Standard" about Mr Donald Smith's call for information about Essex windmills so that he can write a book for the SPAB.

Essex post mill

Cutting from "Autocar" picturing a post mill in Essex with a man who says he was the last one to work in it, 64 years ago.

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