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Robert Tyssen Gee Collection

  • TYSS
  • Collection
  • 1940s-1970s

Photographs of English wind and water mills.

Tyssen-Gee, Robert A

Electrical motor at Wandsworth Flour Mills

A picture showing an electric 135 hp motor, being used at Wandsworth Flour Mills, to power larger roller machinery. This is a picture of the motor described in the article shown in DUFF-SBK-009. This picture is most likely from "Milling".


Article on Wandsworth Flour Mills

An article describing Wandsworth Mill's move over from steam to electrical power. One of the electrical motors used by the mill, is shown in the cutting under DUFF-SBK-010. This article is most likely from "Milling".


Abbey Mill, Knaresborough

2 cuttings believed to be from from Milling, on Abbey Mill, Knaresborough. One an article describing the area around the mill, its history, and the upgrade to roller milling technology, the other a picture of the mill.


Various mill fire reports 1886-1887

5 cuttings reporting mill fires. The articles are from 1886-1887. The articles are from The Standard, The Citizen, and Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer, describing mill fires, their costs and causes.

The Standard

"Flour Mills and Insurance" (continued)

Cutting from 'The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular', discussing the layout, machinery and processes of roller mills, and their associated fire risks. This article is a continuation of the article, seen in DUFF-SBK-001 and DUFF-SB...

The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular

"Flour Mills and Insurance"

Cutting from 'The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular', discussing the impact of the new roller milling technology on fire risks and insurance costs. This article is continued in DUFF-SBK-002, which contains the follow-up written a ...

The Finance Chronicle and Insurance Circular

Minutes and constitutions of various mill groups

Minutes, constitutions and statutory rules for various mill groups and societies, including: North East Mill Group, Yorkshire Mills Group, Society of Friends of Danish Mills (Danske Mollers Venner), The International Molinological Society, The New...

The Mills Archive

Glory Mill Collection

  • GLOR
  • Collection
  • 1950s-2000

Copies of staff magazine 'Glory Theme', issues 1-8 (1980-1984).Draft of Alan Mead's book 'Days of Glory'.Promotional pack of paper samples.Lists of employees.Press cuttings relating to mill closure, 1990s.Mill history, 1950s.

Mead, Alan

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