E M Gardner Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
EMGC-A-002 Picture of a water mill by Hobbema Item No date
EMGC-A-003 Water mill by J Van Ruisdael Item No date
EMGC-A-006 Flour dresser Item No date
EMGC-A-008 Watermill, Arrow Green Item No date
EMGC-A-022 Big wheel Item No date
EMGC-A-023 Oele molen Hengelo Item No date
EMGC-A-025 Barnes Mill, Chelmsford Item No date
EMGC-A-028 Overdriven stones Item No date
EMGC-A-030 View showing three wheels Item No date
EMGC-A-032 Exterior view Swalmen Item No date
EMGC-A-034 Wymarse Watermill, Arcen, Netherlands Item No date
EMGC-A-039 Niederwetten water mill Item No date
EMGC-A-042 Opwetten large wheel Item No date
EMGC-A-043 Franche Molen oil stone Item No date
EMGC-A-045 Swalmen old wheel Item No date
EMGC-01 Files of handwritten notes on watermills Series 1947 - 1950s
EMGC-01-01 File of handwritten notes on Cambridge watermills File 20 April 1946 - 28 July 1951
EMGC-01-03 File of handwritten notes on watermills in Devon File 7 September 1948 - 5 April 1950
EMGC-01-06 File of handwritten notes on Devon File 5 January 1948 - 3 April 1950
EMGC-01-07 File of handwritten notes on Devon File 13 January 1948 - 16 April 1951
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