David L Pearce Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DLPC-01-Fig-3.23a Wicken Windmill: Auxiliary Machines drive: upper lay shaft - side view Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.24 Wicken Windmill: Wire Machine Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.26 Wicken Windmill: Dresser Wheel Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.26a Wicken Windmill: Brush, Wire Machine Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.35 Wicken Windmill: Jogger eccentric drawn by D. L. Pearce Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-5.6 Wicken Windmill: Granary - showing the Granary re -roofed Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-5.7 Wicken Windmill: Windmill and Granary Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-5.9 Wicken Windmill: Windmill and Granary Item 2014 View
DLPC-05 Obituary for Chris Wallis Item July 2006 View
DLPC-01-Fig-2.31 Wicken Windmill: Stone Floor Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-2.33 Wicken Windmill: Rocking Lever Bearer Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.4 Wicken Windmill: Setting out the Waller and Brake Wheel Spacing Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.7a Wicken Windmill: Section of rebuilt Brake Wheel Rim Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.11 Wicken Windmill: New Waller - bevelled cog and blank Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.12a Wicken Windmill: Sprattle Bearing Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.13b Wicken Windmill: Footstep Bearing, upright shaft, E - W view Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.14a Wicken Windmill: Eastern Bedstone and Stone Saddle Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.15 Wicken Windmill: West Stones: Drive before May 2014 Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.15b Wicken Windmill: Stone Spindle Spline Casting Item 2014 View
DLPC-01-Fig-3.15c Wicken Windmill: Footstep Bearing, west stones Item 2014 View
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