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Notes on published papers about Chinese milling

Two photographs 1) depicting a single-pole 4-gear mill, 2) a Chinese horizontal watermill wheel; and Niall's notes on two papers about milling: "Science and Civilisation in China" - Joseph Needham, 1994; "Roman Islamic Water - ...

Mills Research Group unpublished papers

Collected papers and handouts from Mills Research Group meetings and conferences. Includes:Filby, Peter, 'A gazetteer of drainage windmills in eastern England c 1550-2000' (2008)Jones, David, 'Animal power and the oblique treadwheel...

Ward, Owen

"Light from Windmills"

Note in the 'Evening Standard' on how the Manchuko Government is planning to install wind-driven electricity generators in remote parts of the country to bring lights etc. to the people.

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