Arthur Lowe Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
LOWE-0001 Astwick Mill, Astwick Item No date
LOWE-1517 Southington Mill, Overton, internal, wheel Item No date
LOWE-1520 St Cross Mill, Winchester, internal, wheel Item No date
LOWE-1523 South Mill, East Meon Item No date
LOWE-1526 Titchfield Mill, Titchfield Item No date
LOWE-1529 Titchfield Mill, Titchfield, view of both wheels Item No date
LOWE-1532 Town Mill, Fordingbridge, wheel Item No date
LOWE-1535 Waltham Chase Mill, Waltham Chase, two wheels and leat Item No date
LOWE-1542 Warnford Pumping Wheel, Warnford Item No date
LOWE-1543 West Meon Mill, West Meon, remains of wheel Item No date
LOWE-1546 Wherwell Mill, Wherwell, internal, spur wheel Item 1975
LOWE-1549 Fulling Mill, Whitchurch Item No date
LOWE-1552 Silk Mill, Whitchurch Item No date
LOWE-1555 Silk Mill, Whitchurch, internal, crown wheel Item No date
LOWE-1558 Town Mill, Whitchurch, derelict but roof decayed, downstream side Item No date
LOWE-1561 Town Mill, Whitchurch, wheel Item No date
LOWE-1564 Town Mill, Whitchurch, internal, pit wheel, wallower, spur wheel Item No date
LOWE-1576 Kents Mill, Carisbrooke, internal, gearing Item No date
LOWE-1579 Yafford Mill, Yafford, wheel Item No date
LOWE-1582 Yafford Mill, Yafford, wheel Item No date
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