Arthur C Smith Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
ACSC-08473 "Windmill Man" Item 1982 View
ACSC-CWS-01 Original mountings of County Windmill Series books for printing Subseries Late 20th century
ACSC-21010 Correspondence 1976 File No date View
ACSC-21014 Correspondence 1980 File No date View
ACSC-21008 Correspondence 1991 - 1999 File No date View
ACSC-RES-01-13 Sussex File 1938 to 1980
ACSC-RES-02-03 Photocopy of The Broads by Robert Malster Item 1993
ACSC-RES-03-01 Survey Diaries Item 1969 to 2000
ACSC-IMA-01-02 Norfolk Drainage Windmills File Jun 1989 to Sep 1999
ACSC-IMA-01-03 Drainage Windmills Norfolk, Old Postcards File 1906 to 1935
ACSC-IMA-01-04 Corn Windmills, Norfolk File Jun 1987 to Sep 1999
ACSC-IMA-01-06 Windmill Cards File May 1980 to Feb 1994
ACSC-IMA-01-09 Windmills Photographs from Robert Paterson File Dec 1992 to Jan 2002
ACSC-IMA-01-12 Yorkshire Watermills and Windmills File Apr 1991
ACSC-IMA-01-13 Corey's Cottage and Soham Mill File 1994
ACSC-IMA-02-03 Cottenham File Undated
ACSC-IMA-02-09 Huntingdonshire and Peterborough File 1971 to 1976
ACSC-IMA-02-11 Norfolk Drainage Mills, 1975 to 1989 File 1975 to 1989
ACSC-IMA-02-13 Northamptonshire and Rutland File 1968 to 1979
ACSC-IMA-02-21 Warwickshire 1986 and Norfolk 1985 File 1985 to 1986
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