Album VI 1953 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
JSPB-NEG-06-039 General view of the interior of Guy's Cliffe Mill Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-046 "Castle Mill, Warwick from castle" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-053 "Stratford-on-Avon watermill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-054 "Hampton Lucy watermill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-056 "Weir, Hampton Lucy mill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-057 "Leamington watermill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-058 "Bubbenhall watermill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-060 "Duke End watermill by Maxstoke" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-086 "Smock drainage mill S. E. outskirts of the Hague" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-090 "Tower mill [Leiden] nr Beesten Mkt" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-095 Spider mill north of Leiden Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-096 "Schiedam, 2 tower mills nearest stn., looking towards station" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-098 "3rd mill (background and 4th (foreground) from station" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-099 "Small tower mill approx. N. of [Maassluis]" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-034 "Guy's Cliff watermill, Warwickshire" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-035 "Narrow waterwheel Guy's Cliff Mill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-045 "Castle Mill, Warwick" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-050 "Blackdown watermill" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-051 "Blackdown mill, waterwheel" Item 1953
JSPB-NEG-06-059 "Binley watermill" Item 1953
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