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Beane, Harry, mill owner

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A farmer of Great Snoring, Norfolk, he bought the old post mill at nearby Croxton in 1880 and replaced it with a brick tower mill in 1885; thus it was the last windmill to be built in the county. He died in 1899 but his sons Louis and Hubert carried on milling until after WW1 when the mill was sold by his widow Harriet.

Bristow, miller

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He worked Hempnall Tower Mill from 1913 to 1937

Carver, James, miller

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Built Hempnall Tower Mill in 1814, already owning a post mill nearby.

Drayton, Jack, miller

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The last head miller at Horstead. Originally from Lincolnshire and fought in Palestine during WWI. Died in the early 1970's.

Witham family, millers

  • Family

G H Witham took over Erpingham smock mill around 1900 and his son Edward worked it until his death in 1959.