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Ranks Hovis McDougall Ltd

  • Corporate body
  • 1962 onwards

Formed when Joseph Rank Ltd acquired Hovis McDougall in 1962.

Rank, James (1829-1874), miller

  • Person

James Rank was born in 1829. In 1851 he married Mary Ann Parrott with whom he had four sons, including Joseph Rank. Three years after her death in 1858 he married Ellen Stephenson, with whom he had four daughters and five sons.

He milled at Holderness Road and Stepney, Hull

Mark Mayhew Ltd

  • Corporate body

Previously Mayhew and Sons. Bought by Joseph Rank Ltd, 1912.

Joseph Rank Ltd

  • Corporate body
  • 1875-1962

Joseph Rank began working at a small windmill in Hull in 1875. In 1885 he built his first roller mill, Alexandra Mill, and in 1891 the much larger Clarence Mill. In 1899 the company was incorporated as Joseph Rank Ltd. Many other milling companies were purchased, and new mills constructed in ports around the country.

On Joseph Rank's death in 1945 his son James became chairman, followed by his brother J Arthur Rank in 1952. In 1962 the company acquired Hovis-McDougall, becoming Ranks Hovis McDougall Limited.

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